⏰ Join Us at 08:00 PM (GMT+7) on November 30th, 2021
Our AMA session will be organized by DIF DeFi Is The Future. At this AMA,
Mr. Co Ha ( Project Marketing of MetaRacers ) and Mr. Minh Duc ( Project Marketing of MetaRacers) will be joining to share and answer questions about MetaRacers.

🎁 Reward: 100 USDT for 5 best questions.
📌 Venue: DIF — DeFi Is The Future Telegram: https://t.me/DIF_CHAT
📌 The AMA will be presented in Vietnamese.
📌 MetaRacers — The World’s First 3D Metaverse NFT Racing Game

Website | 🌏 Telegram Channel | 🇻🇳 Vietnam Group | Fanpage Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Discord




Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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