Join us in another AMA with Hafen Ventures to have a clearer view of the project.
⏰ 12:00 UTC on December 17th, 2021
Our AMA session will be organized by Hafen Ventures
At this AMA,
Mr. Duy Nguyen Legal Advisor of MetaRacers
Mr. Loi Phan Communication Specialist of MetaRacers
will provide information and answers about the MetaRacers project

🎁 Reward: 100 USDT for 5 best questions.
📌 Venue: Hafen Ventures Group Chat: https://t.me/HafenVentures_ann/233
📌 The AMA will be presented in text English

— — — — —
MetaRacers — The World’s First 3D Metaverse NFT Racing Game

Metaracers Social Media: Website | 🌏 Telegram Channel | 🇻🇳 Vietnam Group | Fanpage Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Discord




Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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See you tomorrow night at 23h for a 20-minute state of play

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Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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