👋 Hello Racers,
🎉 In this Lunar New Year occasion, we gladly announce a special event: REFERRAL PROGRAM
Via this program, we would like to invite more friends of yours to discover MetaRacers world and you will receive rewards for guiding newcomers to the game!
From 9th Feb, 2022, you can invite your friends to join the game via your Referral link, however, only claims made after 2:00 AM (UTC) 21th Feb 2022 are commissioned
👉 Rules:
Step 1: Sign up or sign in on website
Step 2: Register your car to the games

Step 3: After car registration, select Referral and input the referral code (referral person must be an active user). Racers can get a ref link at the Referral Program section on https://meta-racers.com/my-account

🥇 1st level referral (S1): 10%
🏅 2nd level referral (S2): 5%
🎖 3rd level referral (S3): 2%

❗️ Please assure that you use your referral code to invite new users.
Referral information shall be recorded on-chain to ensure transparency.
Are you ready to join the race?

Telegram |Website |Twitter

Email : info@meta-racers.com



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