Get prepare, Racers, only 1 day left before 2,000 MetaRacers Boxes ready for sale so you can own these super cool NFTs:
👉Estimate time: Jan 28 UTC until sold out
👉Price: 500 MRS/box
👉Quantity: 2,000 boxes
👉Each account can only buy 1 box!
👉Requirement to buy MetaRacers Box: Stake 500 MRS/wallet
Each MetaRacers Box contains:
🔸60% chance for Common, 32% Epic, and 8% Legendary
🔸This is a great opportunity for you to own a Legendary NFT. If you missed this sale, don't worry, we will have many more event coming up next
👉 Link to buy the official Metaracers Box: update soon
👉Instruction to buy the box here
‼️ MetaRacers website or BSC network might be overloaded due to the high demand in box order, we hope you understand and be patient !
MetaRacers - The world's first 3D Metaverse NFT racing game

Telegram chat : https://t.me/MetaRacersBsc_Global

Channel: https://t.me/MetaRacersBsc_official

Website: https://www.meta-racers.com/

Email : info@meta-racers.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/MetaRacersBsc



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