Welcome first Racers who have a chance to experience the MetaRacers Testnet game version!
👉Please log in and create an account on: http://testnet.meta-racers.com
(if you have received an eligible notification email from MetaRacers)
⏰ Estimated time: 10 days
The first racing maps to be opened in the Testnet are just a small part of the MetaRacers world. Other racing maps will be gradually opened in the following updates with interesting contents & storylines.
Testnet will be continuously optimized. PvE and PvP reward calculation will be adjusted accordingly at the time of mainnet, we always listen to all suggestions from the community to improve the product better.

Detailed Roadmap about the addition of new features in the official game will be published soon. Some features will be opened when there are enough users reaching a certain level.

🌟Currently MetaRacers is running faster than the original roadmap & the progress will be even faster to complete all the features before the scheduled time.
Data in Testnet is just an assumption until the official version is released.

MetaRacers - The world's first 3D Metaverse NFT racing game.

Website https://meta-racer.com

Telegram https://t.me/MetaRacersbsc_official



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