📣 MetaRacers’ Sticker Design Event 📣

🔥🔥 Emotions are difficult to express by words. So, what is the best way to communicate? With only a simple sticker, we can instantly know what the other person is thinking.

🔥🔥 The first MetaRacers Sticker Design Contest, sponsored by 8K Family Studio, has officially begun!

🔥🔥 Become a part of MetaRacers by creating your own unique stickers. In addition, there’s a chance to win great prizes:
1st: $100
2nd: $50
3rd: $20 for each person.

A maximum of three sticker samples for each participant, send them to info@meta-racers.com.

Dates for submission: 28/11/2021–10/12/2021
Dates of evaluation: 11/12/2021 to 13/12/2021
Award announcement: 14/12/2021

Let join and support MetaRacers, and don’t forget to keep up with the newest news on our social media channels!!!!

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Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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