📢 MetaRacers x Golden Shovel Capital: OFFICIALLY BECOMING A STRATEGIC PARTNER! 📢

💎 Golden Shovel Capital has collaborated with MetaRacers, and we couldn’t be happier.

💎 Golden Shovel Capital is a cryptocurrency investing corporation that focuses on the Chinese cryptocurrency communities. Despite the fact that it was just founded in the middle of 2021, Golden Shovel has proven itself as a fantastic investment fund, gaining a huge number of members on Telegram and particularly capturing the attention of Chinese investors.

💎 Golden Shovel Capital has supported MetaRacers in enhancing strategic partnership, growing its network, and getting access to a wide range of possible partners and investors in China and in Asia.

— — — — — — -
MetaRacers — The World’s First 3D Metaverse NFT Racing Game.

Metaracers Social Media: Website | 🌏 Telegram Channel | 🇻🇳 Vietnam Group | Fanpage Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Discord




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Cryptocurrency knowledge sharing channel!

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